KimberlyAnn Smith

KimberlyAnn Smith

Certified Mind Body Eating Coach


Some of us have very difficult, even tragic, life stories. This is true. And we carry the scars to prove it.

If you are one of these people, how you are interpreting the events in your life and replaying them over and over again in your mind is either helping or harming you. Examining our thoughts is vital, for if we see our journey as one pitiful, painful, victimizing story, then that is what we become – pitiful, pain-ridden victims who see the world as a horrible place to live. This can leads us to seek ways to escape. Perhaps we seek to escape through drugs. Or alcohol. Maybe sex, porn, binge-watching movies/TV shows, video games, work, sports, binge eating, etc.

What if there was a way that you could use those difficulties to propel you forward in a more positive direction? To cause you to grow stronger and to expand your life? What if you can use those tragedies as catalysts to bring more joy and energy into your life?

I know it can be done because I’ve done it. How?

By reinterpreting my story.

Have you been telling the same story for ten, twenty, thirty years or more? What if you began to reinvent your story by telling it in a different, more insightful way? To see all of your struggles as challenges to be overcome? What if you can begin to flex your overcomer “muscles” and tell yourself a different story that has a far better outcome than what you may be experiencing now? This requires courageously looking at your life in a new way and opening up your heart to notice and listen to what those life challenges have to teach you. Lessons that can become diamonds of great value. Diamonds are formed through the combining of high temperatures deep within the earth with the high pressure of rocks above which create carbon crystals. Deep-seated volcanic eruptions bring the diamonds up towards the surface where they can be mined. Pressure, heat, eruptions. These are all striking, significant traumatic processes that happen over time. It is the same for us. Under pressure, deep-seated hurts are being transformed into gems that are just waiting to surface. Bringing them to the surface requires deep, personal inner work. One strategy we can utilize is that of re-storying. Admittedly, this can be painful, even heart-rending, but the results are transformative and brilliant.

So, what is your story and how can you begin to look at it through a different lens? What lessons are lurking under the surface, waiting to be mined and polished to shine through and grow you into a more beautiful person? Truly, these challenges are gifts that have the power to transform you and your life.

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Are you a chronic dieter, getting nowhere?
Do you have body image challenges?
Do you have weight challenges?
Is your energy level low?
Do you overeat or binge eat?
Do you experience digestive issues?
Do you have other food and body issues?
Are you not living the life you were meant to live?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are not alone nor do you have to travel on this journey on your own.

I would love to help you transform your relationship with food and body because, oftentimes, information alone is not enough to solve our food, body, and health challenges.