KimberlyAnn Smith

KimberlyAnn Smith

Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

The Lurker

Do you have a dream? Something big that you want to do but doubt that you could ever do it? Is there something that lights you up and makes you say, “if only…”? Something that is pie in the sky, a pipe dream, a castle in the air? (You get the picture.) Well, what is keeping you from pursuing this dream? Seriously, what?

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have all slowed down and are, perhaps, thinking in a new way. Maybe you are re-evaluating your life. How happy are you with your life? What do you dream about that you wish could be your life? If you had the power to change your life, what would you change? What gives you energy? What drains your energy? What lights you up? What brings down dark clouds?

I am going to suggest that one of the biggest obstacles we need to overcome when it comes to becoming who we are meant to be it this – RESISTANCE.

Resistance is clever. Resistance is sly. Resistance doesn’t even want us to say its name. It doesn’t want to be called out. It wants to lurk in the shadows, doing its damage unnoticed and unrecognized. It doesn’t mind being incognito; it is only interested in keeping us from doing what we are meant to be doing. But now you know. Now you have become aware, and now you can act.

I have come across an invaluable resource that has been helpful to me in overcoming my own relationship with resistance. Author, Steve Pressfield, has written a succinct, powerful, witty little book entitled, The War of Art. But before you buy his book, you can, for free, take a mini-course that Mr. Pressfield has recorded on the subject. In both the course and book, this thing called Resistance is called out and exposed for what it really is. And, if you listen to the mini-course and read the book, you can cross out two items in my to-do list that I sent out in my last post. AND, you will also learn something that has the potential to be life-changing.

Happy conquering!

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Are you a chronic dieter, getting nowhere?
Do you have body image challenges?
Do you have weight challenges?
Is your energy level low?
Do you overeat or binge eat?
Do you experience digestive issues?
Do you have other food and body issues?
Are you not living the life you were meant to live?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are not alone nor do you have to travel on this journey on your own.

I would love to help you transform your relationship with food and body because, oftentimes, information alone is not enough to solve our food, body, and health challenges.